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Welcome! My name is Rachel and I am a small hobby breeder of quality chinchillas. I have nine years of experience with chinchillas, and I am a proudly registered member of both the Mutation Chinchilla Breeder's Association (MCBA) and Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative (ECBC). I am located in Eastern Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley, about twenty minutes from the New Jersey border. I am a convenient one and a half hours from New York City and just an hour from Philadelphia. I have had adopters travel from all over the east coast to adopt my babies! 

I only breed animals with optimal health backgrounds, and my breeder chins are from top quality bloodlines such as Ryerson, JAGS, Whitewoods, Tiffany's Chinchillas, Mark Miller, and Ritterspach Chins. I attend official chinchilla shows as often as possible to ensure continued improvement in quality. I am also the proud breeder of the 2014 MCBA ACS Color Champion tan male, Ezra! All of my babies are handled daily to ensure that they are used to human interaction. I am currently breeding for most mutation colors, including beige, ebony, brown velvet,  black velvet, tan, violet, pink white, white, and sapphire - but I am highly focused on the various beige gene mutations (homo and hetero beige, tan, pink white, and brown velvet).  For info on available chinchillas for adoption, please see the Nursery page.

My journey with chinchillas all began with the little guy pictured above in the middle (please never give your chinchilla anything plastic - this is a very old picture, I was uneducated when I adopted my first pet chin, and it was removed immediately once I learned more about safety). His name was Bean, and he was incredibly sweet and loving. Bean is the reason I fell in love with these incredible animals, and although he is no longer with me, he is always in my memory as I continue to love and care for the many chinchillas I have adopted into my family. While I am a breeder, all of my chins are, first and foremost, my pets and my friends.  
Animals are the greatest friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticism.



For quick reference, here is the complete list of chinchillas for sale currently:

Several at this time! Check out my new website for info!!! www.eastcoastchinchillas.com


For more information and photos of babies, visit the Nursery page!